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  • Would you like you teeth removed by someone who does it everyday or someone who does it once in a while?
  • How would you react if there were any complications after surgery? Would you have liked it to belooked after by a specialist then?
  • Would you like to make sure you did not feel anything at all during surgery and therefore consider being put to sleep in our surgery and not the hospital?
  • Would you like the best to look after your health or would you compromise on the quality of care and treatment?

Oral Surgery Sydney

The Oral Surgery Procedure for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Any type of surgery, no matter what age and gender you are, can be an unpleasant experience, though, of course, it is necessary in order to fix your current problem. When it comes to oral surgery in Sydney, the main reason for this is due to your third molars, more commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. Although an oral surgeon is not always needed, there are many cases where surgery is necessary, or else the experience may be extremely uncomfortable if other methods have to be used.

Consider all the above when you are extracting wisdom teeth. You don’t want to be sorry if there were any problems. Your health is worth it and therefore you should invest in high quality care and treatment. 

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The wisdom teeth tend to grow in when a person is in their twenties. There is a chance you do not have any wisdom teeth at all or only two instead of four, so schedule an appointment with us to check this out. In rare cases, the third molars are able to grow in without any problems at all, though this does not usually happen. Typically, wisdom teeth must be removed as soon as they emerge due to the excruciating pain they cause. If they grow in a specific way, these teeth may cause gum disease and over-crowding which can lead to even more procedures and surgeries. A dentist may even recommended getting your third molars removed even if they grow in properly to prevent plaque build-up which occurs because people have a hard time cleaning these teeth since they are in the back of the mouth. To prevent a ton of possible complications, oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal is strongly advised

Oral Surgeon Sydney

An oral surgeon in Sydney will determine the type of surgery to be done depending on the impaction of the wisdom teeth. Soft impactions will only require a few incisions before the tooth is able to be pulled out, but if there are bones involved then the process can be a lot more complicated and will take longer. If the wisdom teeth have already emerged completely, then surgery will not be needed to remove them. The only physical pain you will feel from oral surgery is the soreness after the procedure since you will be sedated during it.

After the procedure, there may be bleeding and swelling for the next few days until the incisions fully heal. Dissolvable stitches are usually used during this time, so the wound will heal as the stitches break down. Avoid hard and sticky foods while recovering and only eat soft foods that don’t require a lot of chewing.

We offer oral surgery for those who need it. The most common reason for this is for the extraction of wisdom teeth, so if you believe you need them removed or have any other problem then give us a call today to set up an appointment. Our team offers professionalism, respect, and compassion in order to make you feel comfortable during your visit.

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