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  • Highly experienced SPECIALIST to minimise complications
  • You will be SLEEPING (IV sedation) – NO PAIN
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  • You WON'T REMEMBER A THING (sedation)
  • Weekend Appointments for surgery

The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, emerge later in life causing various problems such as crowding, discomfort, and pain. When the signs of growth emerge, schedule an appointment with us immediately so we can start on the wisdom teeth extraction process.

Wisdom teeth need to come out if any of the following problems are occurring:

Wisdom Tooth Removal Wisdom Teeth Extraction Impacted Wisdom Teeth Wisdom Tooth
Infection Crowding Cysts Damage to nearby molars
An infection takes place at the top of the tooth when an impacted wisdom tooth tries to push its way through the gums. This situation can cause inflammation (swollen red gums) which can be painful and result in jaw stiffness. A wisdom tooth while coming out can affect the position of nearby teeth. In some cases, it can even cause crowding of front teeth. Cysts are sacks of fluid which forms around the tooth. It can cause internal damage to the teeth bone and gums. An impacted wisdom tooth on its way to top pushes adjoining molars and causes damage to the nearby teeth.


Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Typically a person removes each wisdom tooth as it grows in, but it is possible to extract them all at once. Wisdom teeth pain can be absolutely unbearable, so the removal of wisdom teeth is a definite necessity. We offer this procedure with a sleep dentistry since it is more than likely that you will be sedated with IV sedation during this operation.You will not remember a thing.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

We have a highly specialized teamthat will look after you and the procedure is done within an hour. You go home after the procedure. No Pain will be experienced at all during the procedure. We perform the procedure on a weekend so you can go back to work on Monday

There are a few pre-operative tips to keep in mind the day before. Avoid eating or drinking the night before to avoid the possibility of nausea when given anesthesia. If you are only getting one tooth extracted then it is more than likely that you will receive local anesthesia, but if you are removing all of them then IV sedation may be used instead. Sedation will make the procedure feel quick, easy, and stress-free.

The gum tissue around the tooth will be raised and the bones supporting the tooth will be removed. Occasionally, the wisdom tooth may have to be broken into smaller pieces in order to completely extract it. In most cases, a dissolvable stitch will be used for the healing process. Dissolvable stitches will break down over time without you ever noticing.

After the procedure, your mouth should only be sore for a few days before the pain subsides completely. We will prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to make the recovery process more comfortable. Alcohol, smoking, hard foods, and sticky foods are all irritants you should avoid during this period. We recommend that you consume only soft foods for the first day or two, which is especially important for those that had all of their wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you are looking to remove your wisdom teeth in Sydney, then give us a call here at Smile Concepts to set up an appointment. Although getting your wisdom teeth extracted may not be the most comfortable experience, leaving them in would feel far worse and may even cause gum disease or periodontists if left in the mouth.

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